The workshop aims at building a joint effort between modellers and observers, based on existing data for fast rotators, in order to address major difficulties in understanding and studying stars with rapid rotation. This meeting will focus on training and application on how recent theoretical developments, such as 2D computations, and ground-based spectroscopic observations can help for the analysis of CoRoT and Kepler data. We will take a special care on the problem of mode identifications. The question of the amplitude and the excitation of modes in fast rotators will be addressed on both observational and theoretical points of view. A session will be dedicated to the techniques for analysing seismic data sets. Another session will be dedicated to the effects of rotation on stellar structures (thermal, dynamical and chemical structures) predicted by models and their possible seismic signatures. Observations and predictions of regularities in the frequency spectra of fast rotating stars will be emphasized. The workshop will include seminars and discussions, and significant time will be reserved to tutorials/work sessions.

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